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Shipping Infectious Substances And Related Materials (Training Course - UK Only)

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Course Description

Online, computer based training of the responsibilities of shippers and cargo agents in the transport of Infectious Substances (Division 6.2) and related materials including biological substances, exempt specimens, dry ice, Genetically Modified Organisms, used medical devices and liquid nitrogen.

Meets the requirements of the UK CAA.


  • Each unit in your cart comes with 1 Administrative Product Key for the use of administering the purchased Course Product Keys (Students).
  • A pack of keys can be sold in sizes up to 25.
  • This digital product (UK Edition) is constrained to inventory, please contact us before placing an order in quantity greater than 25 to avoid shipment delays. 


To purchase multiple packs of Product Keys, increase the quantity in your cart. For the easiest administrative setup we suggest selecting the number of students to be trained and leaving the Shopping Cart quantity at 1 unless you are purchasing more than 25 keys or would like to have multiple administrators.

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