Getting Started

How do I get access to my online purchases?

When you purchase a online training course from us (or another online application) we deliver you a product key. This product key can be added to your account on, where you will get access to your product.


Where do I get a Product Key?

You can purchase your Product Key on our website. Select the online course you would like to purchase (or multiple courses), add the course(s) to your cart and select the correct quantity of Students (Course Product Keys) you would like to purchase. Each quantity unit comes with a free Administrator Product Key. Once you have added your products to the Cart you can proceed to checkout. During business hours you can expect your Product Keys to arrive by email within 30 minutes on average. If you have not received your Product Keys within 30 minutes during business hours, please contact with your order information and we will work with you to deliver your product keys.
Please check your spam and junk folder before reporting missing product keys. 


When purchasing training its asks for quantity and the number of students. What is the difference? 

Each quantity unit will receive one Administrator Product Key. You can purchase up to 25 Product Keys attached to 1 Administrator Product Key. You can use these units to adjust how you would like your Product Keys distributed across potential administrators. E.x. Company XYZ has 4 separate offices: Office A, Office B, Office C and Office D. Office A has 3 employees taking the training, Office B has 4 employees taking the training and Office C and D each have 5 employees taking the training. You may purchase 1 training course with 3 students, 1 with 4 students, and 2 with 5 students. This way each office can have its own administrator. 


What is a Training Administrator? 

See here for more information.


My purchase of digital goods also included physical goods. When will these be shipped?

We will process your physical goods order within 1 business day. Please contact us a for more information. 


I have a Product Key now, what do I do with it?

All product keys can me added to your account at